About Us

Welcome to Gitpens.com,

gitpens values practicality, functionality, and quality. We specialize in making you feel your best by producing fun, stylish, athleisure clothing and shapewear solutions that are effective and figure-flattering.

A major advantage of a women-run company is our fundamental understanding of women’s bodies and what looks best on us. Every product, every material, and every cut is done with the intention of producing the most flattering figure fit.

Throughout the years we have perfected our sizing and fabrics using the most innovative tech available and creating stylish designs that will always make you stand out and feel sexy!

We respect all people and we believe in donating to produce a powerful and impactful positive change. We set yearly donation goals to give to a wide variety of worthy causes including mental health, HBC’s and domestic abuse. For more information on our pledge and donations, check out our donations page.

To the club members around the world, thank you for your support, fuel, and inspiration.

Phone: +1 386-251-7068
Email: support@gitpens.com
Address: 221 McKibbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA